Build an empire.

Make an impact.

Leave a goddamn legacy.

For the side-hustlers, early-stage entrepreneurs and aspiring corporate dropouts who want to build their own purpose-driven, expertise-based online business empire from scratch.

Rule with purpose. Reign on your terms.

Tired of playing someone else’s game? Badass Empires is here to help you build your own empire, and rule it as you see fit.

Our mission is to empower professional goal-getters to design an impact-led online business on purpose, command attention, conquer their niche, and build a f*cking legacy.

Read: More freedom. More money. More purpose. More fun.

A side hustle to supplement your corporate job. A successful business swarming with staff. Sun-drenched headquarters based in the south of France. Empires come in all shapes and sizes, we’re here to help you get yours.


It’s your business legacy, built on purpose AND profit.

We’re not here to help you crack crypto or become an influencer who sells vitamin gummies with code BOSSBABE10.

We’re specialists in the Creator Economy (projected to explode to $480 BILLION by 2027). This means aspiring coaches, consultants, and course creators who want to package up their knowledge in something (anything!), build a community around it, and monetize it by designing a digital product or service that your community will LOVE.

The best part? You do NOT need to know exactly what that looks like yet. 

We help you figure all of that out as we go and build a profitable side-hustle turned empire that feels damn good to run from anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

It’s a business model anchored in your purpose, values, and what works for your personality. It’s service-based and purpose-fuelled, so you will only ever make coin by adding immense value to people’s lives, helping them to grow and achieve the results they truly desire.

An empire of your design. Your dream business, built by you. The purpose AND the profit. It’s all yours for the taking.

From one Digital CEO to another. 

I’m Rosie, and I’m here to cut through the bullsh*t when it comes to building a business online.

First thing’s first, this ain’t my first rodeo.

I’ve already done the damn thing, leaving my corporate career to become CEO of my very own purpose-led, freedom-based business. Since successfully scaling to 7-figure-revenue years and beyond, I haven’t looked back. From the time-freedom, the money, the travel - if that’s your thing - you can have your dream life when you do it by design.

Building my wildly successfuly expertise-based business, Badass Careers, taught me what it takes to create and grow a business grounded in your values.

With Badass Empires, you’re gaining all the learnings from my entrepreneurial journey and then some. I’ll teach you how to start and grow a business that feels damn good to run. Together, we’ll magnify what’s meaningful to you, amplify your potential and design an online business built on purpose.

Ready to promote yourself to CEO? Let's f*cking go!


Your Queendom awaits.
Claim your crown.

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With strategies for designing, building, and ruling on your own terms, the Badass Empires Podcast is here to help you turn that purpose-driven pipedream into a reality.

I'm here to cut through the bullsh*t, so the only noise you hear while building your empire is cha-ching.


Welcome to the high court of high achievers.

You’re in excellent company.
Bri turned her passion of wardrobe styling and French fashion into a profitable business, backed up by wardrobe styling services.
She now has 20,000 Youtube subscribers and gets to live the purpose-meets-profit dream!
Maria traded in her Big 4 Consulting gig to help Hispanic Women with financial literacy.
She now works with clients from around the world and is becoming a recognised thought leader and keynote speaker, recently speaking at Georgetown University. 
Jen went from 300 YouTube subscribers to 80k+ by living her expat dream in Prague.
Within 3 weeks of working together, Jen had reached 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. Within 6 weeks, she reached 16,500 subs and 27,000 watch hours and earned back coaching investment 3x over.

The coaching world is a loud place. Lucky your purpose is louder.

Take all that ambition and turn it into a legacy that makes bank.

My VIP private coaching program will help you hone your business vision and launch your own small business f*cking empire. With million dollar cheat codes, personalised advice and guidance from the get go, you’ll supercharge your success and rally raving fans in no time.

Let’s activate your Empire Era.


Ready to rule?

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