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I want to work with Badass Empires
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I want to be a guest on the Badass Empires Podcast.

Ready to spill your secrets to success? Good. You’ll fit in perfectly on our pod. Get in touch and pitch us your podcast segment.

I want to interview Rosie on my podcast. 

Think your audience is ready to pick up what I’m putting down? Book me as a guest on your podcast to chat all things empire building. I keep a limited number of spots available in my calendar for interviews, so reach out and let's see if it's a fit!

I want to work with Badass Empires.

Currently, the only way to work with Rosie is in her coveted private coaching programme, Empire by Design.

Empire by Design is a high-touch, 12-week private coaching programme, where you take all that rebellious high-achiever energy and turn it into the six-figure foundations for a successful purpose-led, impact-driven business.

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